Secure Medical History Analytics Reports

MedLocker is a secure platform that allows users to save their medical history and share it with family

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Search Clinical Trials

MedLocker will guide you to clinical trials in 204 countries. Simply upload your medical history and our AI will select the top 10 clinical trials for your condition.
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Pharmaceuticals & Public Health Data Reports

Find trends on drug use, recovery time and patient feedback. Track prescription medication use by zip code. Monitor public health analytical data.

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Find de-identified medical data from a quarter of a million patients, converted to help industry professionals recognize valuable trends.
Prescription Drugs

Monitor and track prescription drug use by patients. Assess dosage recommendations by medical professionals.

Recovery Timeline

Monitor all patients' recovery timelines for various conditions and view direct feedback regarding prescription medication side effects.

Complete Access

Gain complete access to any malpractice indicators to assess prescription drug use and abuse by patients.

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Patients have the opportunity to seek help from support groups from around the world, for any condition.
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Post details of your post and preoperative experience to gain valuable feedback.

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Find people with your condition

Connect with patients just like yourself and seek guidance for care and recovery.

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Get easy access to information on publicly and privately supported clinical studies

Meet The Team

  • Wassel Al Fakhoury

  • President, Acme Clinical Trials Inc.

  • Wassel is a consultant and non-executive director advising companies, businesses and high net worth individuals globally on M&A transactions, strategy and corporate governance.

    Wassel is a corporate and M&A counsel with experiences covering complex and sensitive corporate and M&A transactions in addition to...

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  • Xu.H Ji

  • Director, Acme Clinical Trials Inc.

  • Xu.H Ji is a highly rated and respected consultant with years of experience handling high value and complex commercial M&A, cross-border investment, and financial services.

    He advises extensive range of clients, including large-scale state-owned enterprises, listed companies, multinational companies, financial institutions...

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  • Nofel Izz

  • C.E.O, Acme Clinical Trials Inc.

  • Nofel Izz an inventor and entrepreneur who is focused on developing solutions for global public health issues. His past experiences creating recognition programs, working with branding and founding an employment company have led him to a new career as an inventor.

    Nofel started out by developing a successful employee recognition program for Canadian banks...

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